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Gallery #3 Comm'l Trucks

The engine in the above photo is of a V-12 stationary engine model 2269-0.  Hall-Scott was experimenting with using this engine in commercial trucks.  The photo shows one of the prototypes.

Hall-Scott never marketed this engine for use in trucks, but the photo above shows one man that wanted one and installed it in his truck, a Kenworth (?).  Sorry don't know the year.

Great looking truck. 

We have no idea what he hauled with this, but with that engine it could have been anything, big and heavy.

The Engine

5 3/4" bore x 7" stroke
2181 ci.
V-12 at 60 degree V.
4 - 6 plug magneto's, two on each side, dual plug engine.
Water cooled exhaust manifolds.
*The truck version didn't have the water cooled manifolds and I have not found anything about the truck version having the 4 - magneto's. 

S.A.E. test report, dated 1953 shows this engine produced 600 horsepower @ 2100 rpm, producing 1500 lbs. torque.

You could order these engines to run on gasoline, butane or LPG fuels.
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