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For those of you who want to replace the horse hair in your breather caps, the top or side ones, here is a link to some nice people who sell horse hair.

I've had a conversation with them and they have a real nice selection at real good prices.

Ask for Marly

Didn't know they used horse hair?  If you pull the screen out from the top oil breather, you should see it curled up in there.

Now, sometimes you can just clean it but it's so cheap to replace, why bother.  When you pull the hair out, you can see the oil vapor build up from use over the years.  Good time to clean the inside of the caps.  We are replacing all the hair in all of our engines.
Jake's Towing & Recovery
Heavy Duty
Roseville, CA.

Jake is up there North of Sacramento, CA.  He can haul or tow just about anything with those rigs he's got.

He stored our 1936 ALF engine for us and kept it nice and safe for a long time.

Good guy, if you need a service like this and your in his area, give him a call, tell him Spike from Hall-Scott sent ya.

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