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Parts: For Sale & Wanted

This "Parts for Sale and/or wanted" page is a courtesy page set up for anyone wanting to sell or trade Hall-Scott parts or Hall-Scott related parts.

All you need to do is send an email to with photo's and description and price, and with contact information.

We, Hall-Scott, The Hall-Scott Engine Co.® and the Hall-Scott web site are not involved with any transaction between parties selling or buying or trading parts.

All transaction responsibilities are between sellers and buyers, with the exception of when the parts are being sold by us, The Hall-Scott Co.®, and these parts will be noted as such.

When selling an item, please give good detail of the item and the condition of the item. When buying an item, please make sure it is what you want, you're satsified with the condition and you are aware of the price and the shipping costs.

All responsibilities are with buyer and seller concerning transactions.

Please, conduct your business appropriately.

There's no limit to the amount of items you can sell on these pages, but be aware that I don't add or update the web site everyday.
We don't charge for this courtesy, nor do we require a donation.

You will also find Hats, T-Shirts and other items on these pages that we are selling.

To buy a copy of Ric Dias book.......
"Hall-Scott: The Untold Story of a Great American Engine Maker",
please go to the SAE web site, look under books for sale and you will find it there.

We don't make any money on books sold by SAE, but if you have not read Ric's book and you have or enjoy Hall-Scott engines or the history of Hall-Scott, it's a great read and we highly recommend it.

Ric is a buddy of ours and contributes to this web site.  We are grateful for his contribution and support.  We also use his book for facts that are used on this web site, with permission from him and from SAE.


The Hall-Scott Engine Company®
May 2010  

After 80 years of engine building, for the first time in history the Hall-Scott Engine Co. hat is available to the public.

You can't find this hat anywhere but here.  Velcro adjustment, six-panel, button top, baseball style, embroidered letter hat.

Top photo: Style is Engine manual script lettering, valve cover, silver grey color lettering on black hat.

Bottom photo: Style is the famous HS block lettering, with white lettering on black hat.
Now you don't have to carry your engine around with you to let guys know your a Hall-Scott Engine guy.  This hat says it all, with style.

Fire truck, commercial truck, boat, airplane, bus, tractor no matter what kind of rig you have with a Hall-Scott Engine or even one on a stand, this hat lets everyone know you enjoy one of the finer things in life...a Hall-Scott Engine.

Each hat sells for $20.00 bucks plus $3.00 shipping (mailing)

Pretty cheap for letting people know your a man of taste.

To order a hat or even one for you and a buddy send a email to

Please include what style lettering and where we are sending it to.

The Hall-Scott Engine Co.® hat, order today, be under it next week. 
(no credit cards, sorry)

I am making intake and exhaust valves for the Liberty V-12 and L-6 engines.  My valves are forged stainless steel blacks that are finsih machined and ground on all surfaces, and then hardcoated. 

They are of exceptional quality.

Coated Stainless valves are better at staying clean and make the engines much easier to start after long periods of sitting, which is often the case in boats and with collectors items.  

We can also make other parts for rare, vintage engines.  Please let me know if you hear of anyone needing valves or other parts for Liberty engines.
Rocky Shores Co.
Andrew Meikle
You can reach me at 1-519-888-0089 (days) or 1-226-929-3364 (cell).

I had a conversation with Andrew, I asked him about making valves for other engine models like the 1091, 935, 855 ci., Defenders & Invaders and he said that would not be a problem
Give him a call for prices, I'll supply him or you with specs for your engine from any manual we have.
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